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Welcome to the home of Aeturnas Trinitas, an Online Gaming Community founded in 2003. For over eight years, Aeturnas Trinitas has persisted under the following charter:

  • Respect Your Guildmates
  • Destroy Your Enemies
  • Game On
We pride ourselves on being RP Focused and PVP Enthusiasts, but the community and its strength always comes first. For more information about AT, click the Community tab above.
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Sarafias / Dec 22, 2011
I'd like each of you to please register at

Please register with the same forum name as you have on these boards

We're evaluating this web platform for our new guild site as it has multi-game support, more features, and a more options for us. Costs for this site are higher, but worth the cost.

Please register and provide feedback.

Also, if we do move, please recognize that your content on this site will disappear: Pics, Fics, etc. So please start copy/pasting any posts you really like into a text file and repost should we decide to move.

Sarafias / Dec 20, 2011
With 45+ Active in ToR, and 10+ in WoW who are not playing ToR also, I'm going to up our Voice Chat capacity to 50 in January. Please sound off in the poll.

Cost for the Website Per Month: $8.99
Cost for the current 25 Man Mumble per month: $5.01
Current total monthly cost: $14.00

Cost for 25 Man Ventrilo per Month: $15.00
Cost for 50 Man Ventrilo per Month: $25.00

Total dollars paid since August 2008: $925.00
Total Donations Since August 2008: $175.00

Just sayin... >.>